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Fabricom: CoSo by AROBS’ involvement brought a “better product in a shorter time”

Fabricom project: SafeGuard.
CoSo by AROBS supplied the highly skilled developers for the completion of the project.

Ward Segers, a representative of Fabricom, said that “People at CoSo had exactly the set of skills that we required for this project: they managed to deliver their first versions very quickly. We also had excellent communication with the developers: they often thought outside of the box and contributed with new ideas and insights to the project.”

Our developers’ involvement, as Segers stated, brought a “better product in a shorter time” and with this product Fabricom is now more confident, offering their customers web-based interfaces.

Our expertise and our experience of over 26 years are profs of our everyday professionalism and service quality. We strive to bring the best results by finding the best solutions to our clients’ specific needs.

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Geert Fabri, Forlog: “CoSo is an opportunity. I would definitely recommend CoSo”

Forlog NV worked with CoSo by AROBS, building a software solution for Forlog that would help automatization of frequent handlings and supported data management

They see CoSo as a team that fully understood the needs of the client, stated Geert Fabri, representative of Forlog NV.

Forlog team quickly discovered that our developers are of highly skilled professionals that offered each time the necessary support, at a faster pace than other IT-players in the market.

The main benefits Forlog NV gained during the collaboration with our team are flexibility, their ability to transform ideas into reality, their great support, time-saving and more efficient work procedures.

Geert Fabri was pleased with our collaboration, professionalism, and the quality of the software product. He stated: “CoSo is an opportunity. I would definitely recommend CoSo.”

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forlog testimonial

Transvelo BV would definitely recommend CoSo

Transvelo BV, an international distribution company, wanted to setting up connections with their TMS.

Transvelo BV, an international distribution company, was looking for collaboration regarding a solution for setting up connections with their TMS.

One of their TMS suppliers recommended CoSo, and not long after the first meeting, Transvelo team was convinced that CoSo could offer the solutions they were looking for.

They were happy to see that during the software development of the Electronic Data Interaction (EDI) and Track & Trace platform, communication was “quick, reliable, always solution oriented”, but the most important of them it was the positive attitude and professionalism of our employees. “We really feel a sort of connection, we are not just a number”, as Willem van Deelen, Financial Manager of Transvelo, said.

Besides the personal qualities of our developers, the solution successfully managed to “optimize the processes, reduce the required manual labor and provide additional value to customers” and it “optimized data flow to and from suppliers and customers”.

Moreover, Willem van Deelen mentioned that the software even gives “our staff more time to focus on their core business: supervising our controlled shipments more intensely and having more time to solve any issues.”

Willem van Deelen stated that Transvelo BV “would definitely recommend CoSo” because the team has a lot of knowledge, they are customer and solution oriented.

They described their experience with CoSo by AROBS as “quality and professionality both on the highest level.”

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Trasvelo recommends CoSo

MiCS helps the teachers and the pupils of Kwadrant school
kwadrant school
kwadrant school project

We successfully implemented MiCS for the Kwadrant practice school

Starting with 1st of January 2019, we successfully implemented MiCS for the Kwadrant practice school. MiCS is a special solution for schools that teach children with special needs.

The director of  the school that adopted the solution, Ab de Laater, thinks that the software will be really helpful.

Also he considers MiCS as the future of learning. He was really impressed by the software: “I think that other schools can also adopt the system very well”.

His colleagues share the same thoughts. Ido Verduin, one of the teachers, said that: “Now you easily observe the strongest skills and the one that must be improved for every pupil”.

In addition, the solution connects the students, teachers and it keeps all the required information altogether. Practically, MiCS helps all the teachers and the pupils of Kwadrant school

MiCS it’s the first app of this kind on the educational field, it ensures communication among pupils, parents and teachers. It will also insure online connection with the integrated national education reporting system.

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“Nice people and good communication”

Michelle Neels, Account Manager at Alpega NV, about CoSo by AROBS

Alpega NV Software, a major international company for transport and logistics, collaborated with COSO by AROBS to implement a web portal with flexible features for their transport companies.

The good attitude of the CoSo by AROBS team helped them realized they have made the right choice. As Michelle Neels, Account Manager for Alpega NV, said “nice people and good communication”.

Alpega needed a team that has flexibility, capability for custom software development and knowledge of EDI.

CoSo successfully met all their requirements and started the new project: developing a web portal applicable to all TAS customers.

Neels says that the main benefits Alpega NV Software gained working with CoSo were the good support we provided, our flexibility and our extensive knowledge, in line with the newest developments.

The final product is an “easy to use and stable platform, easy to set-up”, recommendable for all our customers who need a web platform or EDI.

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