Transvelo BV, an international distribution company, wanted to set up connections with their TMS.

Transvenlo BV, an international distribution company, was looking for collaboration regarding a solution for setting up connections with their TMS.

One of their TMS suppliers recommended CoSo, and not long after the first meeting, the client team was convinced that CoSo by AROBS could offer the solutions they were looking for.

They were happy to see that during the software development of the Electronic Data Interaction (EDI) and Track & Trace platform, communication was “quick, reliable, always solution-oriented”, but the most important of them it was the positive attitude and professionalism of our employees. “We really feel a sort of connection, we are not just a number”, as Willem van Deelen, Financial Manager of Transvenlo, said.

Besides the personal qualities of our developers, the solution successfully managed to “optimize the processes, reduce the required manual labor and provide additional value to customers” and it “optimized data flow to and from suppliers and customers”.

Moreover, Willem van Deelen mentioned that the software even gives “our staff more time to focus on their core business: supervising our controlled shipments more intensely and having more time to solve any issues.”

Willem van Deelen stated that Transvenlo BV “would definitely recommend CoSo” because the team has a lot of knowledge, they are customer and solution-oriented.

They described their experience with CoSo by AROBS as “quality and professionality both at the highest level.”

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Trasvelo recommends CoSo