Software Development

Software Development

Software development with COSO BY AROBS

Coso by AROBS, highly specialized in software development, ascended, in the very first decades of existence, as the supplier of software solutions and IT outsourcing – offshore and nearshore- partner for several international customers. We began as a small software firm, with a couple of software developers.

Today, we are recognized among the most important IT businesses and a trusted companion for IT outsourcing for businesses as aggressive as Logistics, Education, Enterprise Solutions.

In less than a century, the applications services have increased from non-existent, right into a billion dollars business. Nowadays, software services are the cornerstone of modern devices, from PC & tablets, tablet computers, and navigation methods. We’re using them daily and they’re becoming smarter and quicker.

Contemplating the rapid rate of growth seen within the last ten years, it’s fascinating to imagine what the services sector will be effective at in another 10 years’ time.

With lots of years of expertise in software solutions, we’re a software firm that addresses the IT needs of businesses as varied as Logistics, Education, Enterprise Solutions.

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COSO BY AROBS: the procedures of software development, from theory to delivery

Our expertise in application development helped us build powerful procedures. With every new job, we ensure we’re the absolute best applications services provider for the project. Outsourcing – offshore and nearshore –  in applications services is an extremely special business enterprise. Its singular attributes come from the simple fact that, in the conclusion of the day, we exchange skills, innovation, dedication all in superb construction, and such resources are in high demand.

The match

When the possible customer is convinced it has selected a trusted partner, it alters its status into “partner”. Since custom applications jobs can take up to 12 decades, based on the market, trust is among the chief variables. We believe our customers are our company partners.

The Testing and development

At this stage, the proprietorship will proceed from the sales and presales staff to the delivery group. The project supervisor or manager, who had been part of the presales step too, will obtain the mandate and resources to do the job.

From this point on, the company line manager, the job supervisor, and the company analyst play an essential part, translating the customers’ needs to the group. As it’s an intricate procedure, and demands change on the way, adaptability is essential.

One of the very well-known approaches to those fast-changing business demands in agile software development. Simultaneously to agile, based upon the sector, you will find different approaches still being used, such as the waterfall and V-model, amongst others.

Finally, even though it’s also a circular procedure, the quality and testers assurers are certain the program matches the requirements of their customer.

COSO BY AROBS will secure all the components necessary for effective IT outsourcing

So, here is the recipe COSO BY AROBS applies for growing and maintaining successful cooperation in regards to IT outsourcing.

  • Project Installation — locating the most appropriate resources for the customer and project requirements. Based on data, 60 percent of achievement stems from setting up, 30% by the quality of the team, and 10% by the management.
  • Team Construction — a software development business may deploy an independent group or a client’s team expansion, or according to functions, experts.
  • Project management — based upon the business for the software developer provider creates the applications, there’s flexibility in deciding on an approach, such as agile or V-cycle or alternative methodologies.
  • Collaboration Tools –many tools may be used for transparency about the growth of the undertaking. These may be quite varied, from Timesheet Reporting Systems to Supply control to Issue monitoring systems.
  • Continuous Communicating — because outsourcing destinations are geographically distant from the customer continuous communication is essential.
  • Engagement Version — there’s flexibility in regard to working versions too. Software development outsourcing may be project-based or time and substance.


Automotive software and hardware solutions

Our engineering team is fully committed to delivering state-of-the-art complex solutions for the automotive industry, including Body Control Modules, Gateway ECUs, Door Control ECUs, Power closures, Radars, Car Keys, Wireless chargers, Instrument Clusters, Head-Up Displays, Secondary Displays, Infotainment Systems, and Telematic units. 

We provide advanced automotive software and hardware services along with know-how, gained working over 10 years for top industry brands.

Custom-Made Cloud Application Development for Enterprises

Bring your ideas to life with our technical and business knowledge, enterprise solutions!
The use of proven methodologies, technological mastery, and expertise in software development will assure your satisfaction with the end-product.

Plug into over 20 years of experience of understanding business requirements and turning them into software solutions, whether your idea needs proficiency in cloud-based applications, near-real-time or reactive applications, Big Data, NoSQL, or any other advanced software technology.

While technical knowledge is essential, sharing values like professionalism, innovation and commitment are pivotal to a rewarding collaboration.
Our partnership goes beyond execution.

  • Web Applications

We create software accessible from wherever you may roam. In other words, an internet connection is not mandatory.

  • Mobile Applications

We develop Apps for mobile, iOS, and Android devices.

  • Desktop Applications

We will help you develop any stand-alone solution, either connected or not to existing systems.

  • Techniques

Our software is based on modern design methods available in the Microsoft.NET environment.




Coso by AROBS is the supplier of software solutions and IT outsourcing - offshore and nearshore.