FastPath Automation and CoSo by AROBS will sustain your digital transformation by RPA implementation, by outsourcing, team extension and fully executed UiPATH RPA projects.

Our experience in Robotic Process Automation

RPA outsourcing and resourcing will permit you to reach highly qualified experts, prepared to develop any sort of RPA project.

Each time a business decides to reform the company processes by implementing new technologies like RPA, a question emerges: Should you build your RPA group and deliver in-house, or use RPA outsourcing and employ a software development team to plan and perform the new procedures?

If you decide to use RPA outsourcing to your RPA plans, you get a good deal of significant benefits such as the possibility to get an enormous talent pool of skilled programmers, avoid additional charges and you get an adequate development and execution. If you utilize RPA outsourcing and team extension, you have enough time to concentrate on the core activity, funnelling your human resource to settle the strategic tasks which will surely attest to be useful to your company.

Access to highly skilled RPA developers

Money savings in the digital transformation journey

Efficient Robotic Process Automation adoption

The business analyst connects the procedure with RPA knowledge. A business analyst should understand the method, the company, and the technical specifications, in detail. Concomitantly with the SME (process expert), the RPA business analyst designs the procedures in detail and optimizes them if needed. The RPA business analyst determines which methods are acceptable for automation and creates a comprehensive plan for the automation procedure.

  • Our RPA business analysts are UiPath accredited and can assist you with:
  • Determines whether a procedure is adequate of not for RPA.
  • In-depth analysis of this plan and the software utilized.
  • Drawing a Procedure Definition Document (PDD) and ensuing it.

Tracking the RPA procedure.

The RPA programmer is responsible for creating, producing, and analyzing workflow automation. The RPA developer also provides assistance during the achievement of the RPA solution. The RPA programmer works side by side with the business analyst to register all the processes involved with detail and aids the team in achieving, analyzing, and maintaining the RPA solution.

  • Our RPA programmers are UiPath accredited, and can support you with:
  • The development plan and technical configuration.
  • Interim and final code inspection.
  • Drawing a Process Design Education (PDI) and ensuing it.
  • Track and register changes.

The RPA solution architect is the person who establishes the design of the RPA solution and manages it from begin to finish. The solution architect helps both the development and implementation stages of the RPA solution. The solution architect chooses a suitable set of technology tools and functions and assures that the RPA solution complies with the business’s guidelines.

Our RPA solution architects are UiPath accredited and can support you with:

  • Creating an RPA solution that can match each of the functional conditions and safety and compliance necessities
  • Effecting a bridging function between the company and IT

The RPA infrastructure specialist is mostly responsible for infrastructure assistance, for the configuration of the specified servers, and technical help for troubleshooting. Along with the solution architect, this specialist also contributes to the finish of the RPA solution.

Our infrastructure specialists are UiPath accredited.

The RPA administrator is responsible for the procedure once it is put into development. An RPA administrator is advising, informing, and does the maintenance of the RPA system.

Our RPA administrators are UiPath accredited and can support you with:

  • Diagnosing and resolving problems that appeared in the RPA system.
  • Outlining ”changes” if needed.
  • Keeping users (robot accounts) and modifying credentials.
  • Advising the procedure.

The RPA project manager assures the quality of the RPA system and makes sure that it is delivered on time, by working closely with the RPA developers, the company, and the customer.

Our project managers are UiPath accredited and can support you with:

  • Creating and executing the project’s design.
  • Examining the plan.
  • Plan communication and consultation.
  • Monitor deadline and funds.
  • Assure that accurate information is available for the project at the proper time.
  • Guarantee a timely and accurate transfer of the RPA project to the customer.



RPA outsourcing, resourcing, and team extension

Our team includes motivated and experienced RPA programmers, with a passion for automation, numerous years of expertise in development, and lots of flourishing RPA projects. Our RPA programmers are UiPath accredited.

Do you want to see where the development possibilities lie in your company  and which business processes are adequate for RPA outsourcing?

Together with the free RPA consultation, we define, qualify, and pick based on standards, such as quantity, recurrence, and error sensitivity, which procedure gets the most RPA potential.


Creating and running an RPA plan can be quite a difficult procedure. But not when you decide to outsource your project completely.
Doing so, our accredited UiPath programmers can develop, execute, and carry the whole project.
You can only appreciate your new software robots that can make any business flourish even in the toughest times.

FastPath Automation, specialized in UiPATH RPA

Robotic Process Automation has become the main focus of CoSo by AROBS; our Netherlands business launched its principal business line in RPA – FastPath Automation.

With the expertise gained in over 27 years of existence, CoSo by AROBS is highly proficient in the domains of process automation, TMS and more. Our team of RPA specialists in The Netherlands and Belgium are backed up by 900+ coworkers of extensive tech knowledge in Romania, Moldova, Hungary and Serbia.


CoSo by AROBS is running for more than 27 years in the industry of automation software and it has increasing experience on RPA (Robotic Process Automation). The beginning of this company can be found in the sphere of technical automation, more especially production automation.

Alpega, Emerson, BASF and Schneider are one of the most significant customers of CoSo by AROBS. Our headquarter can be found in Ulvenhout (Breda-The Netherlands), with a secondary office in Belgium.

Find out more about Robotic Process Automation

Robotic Process Automation originated in business automation. It is a technology which allows the automation of these processes throughout the setup of their own software.

Governed by business logic, Robotic Process Automation (RPA) is intended to carry out an enormous variety of actions with no errors. An RPA program robot never becomes bored or tired. The robot can run continuously with no cracks and its prices are extremely low.

Depending on how it’s programmed, an RPA robot can complete tasks like making calculations, log into programs, move files and folders, open emails, or attachments. Some of them could also extract and edit content from documents, emails, forms, or PDFs, connect to platform APIs and a lot more.

Amongst the best benefits of RPA is reducing the expenses and the incidents linked to human error. Being programmed by the root, there will be no place for mistakes in tasks undertaken by the RPA robot. The price can be an extra advantage. Adopting an RPA system is the comparatively low price as it doesn’t involve any custom software or difficult system integration.

In this stage, the machine is very able to perform low-value tasks. If any business needs RPA for more important and tougher tasks, it might be upgraded with cognitive systems like machine learning, natural language processing or speech recognition.

Robotic Process Automation can also improve the work environment for humans. The machine completes the dull tasks that were previously done by the employees. This way, the employees can focus on more important and intellectual actions, such as customer service, customer experience, and developing more ideas to raise the business.

We resolve robotic process automation challenges through advanced technology, but also with SCADA, PLC, DCS, Batch or alternative control manufacturing systems and technology.

At FastPath Automation – CoSo by AROBS, RPA control engineers aim for high-quality system synthesis for chemical, oil and gas, biotechnological and pharmaceutical activities.

Thus, we give information on various technology choices: DCS, PLC and ESD, ATEX, Wireless, ISA S88/Batch and SIL (TUV accredited), knowledge and expertise with Fieldbuses, such as Profibus, HART and Foundation Fieldbus. Both our business and our engineers are VCA-accredited.

Our experience in software for industrial process automation produces new opportunities for our customers We optimize their logistics and with our software system, we work to obtain time and effort optimization, to provide a complete business automation solution.

Software Development – Tailor-made software solutions

Our programmers will willingly confer their assistance to seek for the best, tailor-made solution in business automation and moreover.
We produce software accessible from anywhere you may roam. No internet connection required.

We develop applications for mobile, iOS and Android devices.

Furthermore, we will support you build any stand-alone solution, either linked or not to actual systems.

Our software is based on up-to-date design methods accessible in the Microsoft .NET environment.

Electronic Data Interchange

Electronic Data Interchange (EDI) is a standard for the electronic exchange of specific business papers: orders, accounts, specific communications, or confirmations. This is an essential part to be optimized for many companies in the cargo fleet management area.

Also, we are highly qualified in conversing different criteria available for EDI.

A fixed-rate package can be obtained, on a yearly fee, for translation, whatever the amount of documents.

Successful jobs by CoSo

MiCS (My Competence Score) is our marketplace tested product; an application designed for schools concentrated on children with special needs. In cooperation with a Dutch special school, we understood the specific needs of the pupils and their teachers and in the long run, we developed this alternative. Moreover, MiCS was able to save that school by optimizing its activity as the exigencies of the state ranking system and the other organizations warned to close its doors.
Because of this, MiCS will be the first educational software system on this marketplace that will assure the interaction among pupils, teachers and parents and it will guarantee online relation to the integrated national education reporting system.
The product will be sold to the 125 special schools in the Netherlands and will be quickly replicable at a regional level.

Stagezuil matches students with firms for the identification of an accurate internship.
All available businesses offering internships are displayed on the map, enabling the students to filter on paths and other standards.
The Stagezuil can function individually, however, it is also possible to run it as an add-on of MiSC.

The TransWeb
TransWeb is a cloud-based solution for logistical service companies that, in collaboration with Wolters Kluwer TAS-TMS, makes your logistical services accessible online.
Additionally, it allows customers to sign up transportation files online.
The templates of your TransWeb files are easily customizable.
Other than this, it provides broad search options and perspicacity on the status of each transportation entry.