Liberating human potential and rehumanizing work​



Support automation journeys by deploying best-of-breed solutions for Task & Process mining, Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, Low code and Robotic Process Automation (RPA). ​

​Automating manual repetitive activities and having use cases available for almost every business process or task. ​

​Our way-of-working is that we transfer our knowledge and skills Outsourced-to-be-Insoured.​

Software development

Specialized in optimizing business processes through software solutions. We design, build and test applications: packaged solutions but also custom solutions.

Our in-house professionals have extensive knowledge of Javascript, .NET, C#,and Frontend among others, if necessary, extra expertise and capacity of our the parent organization AROBS can be deployed.​

From the development of Transport Management Systems, software for Low Emission Zone , API integrations for Payroll administration to the management of data workflows for Customs.

Electronic Data Interchange (EDI)

We offer a solution to ensure efficient electronic exchange and automatic processing of messages with business documents – standardized and integrated, covering all industries.​

Our solution offers the highest grade of standardization with all sorts of adapters for data communication, availability of various off-the-shelf interfaces and extensive logging to monitor message flows down to the lowest level.​


Automation is about freeing up people from repetitive, monotonous and error prone activities meaning liberating human potential and rehumanizing work. Which will lead to reducing costs, speeding up processes, improving productivity, quality and compliance. Next to countering the effects of inflation and tightness Labor Market, your employees and customers will love it.​

FutureWorkForce is the brand to support our customers in organizing a successful automation journey and creating a digital workforce. We automate processes and activities through solutions such as Task & Process Mining, Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, Low Code and Robotic Process Automation (RPA). ​

We have usecases available for every business process or package of tasks in several sectors like Logistics, Supply Chain, Wholesale, Insurance, Banking, Food, Healthcare and (Local) Government.

"Automation is more than just technology - it's a way of thinking that empowers organisations to reimagine their processes and achieve new levers of productivity and success."

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by liberating human potential and rehumanizing work​