Stagezuil is the perfect matching tools between companies and students for internships

Stagezuil matches students with companies, for the discovery of the perfect begining of beautiful carriers.

  • Clear on map

All available offers at the participanting companies are on a map, allowing the students to filter on routes and other criteria.

The Stagezuil is able to operate independently, as a result it is also possible to operate as an addon of MiCS, our product for special schools .

  • Internship reports

The user always has access to updated internship contracts and easily reports tracking for each individual student and each offer.

  • Mobile App

Stagezuil on you phone: available for your students and teachers, with information regarding the current internship(s) in progress, the schedule, routes for the students and more!

Stagezuil is build on our extensive expertise on software development.

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