Michelle Neels, Account Manager at former Alpega NV, now TAS-TMS, about CoSo by AROBS

The former Alpega NV Software, now TAS-TMS, a major international company for transport and logistics, collaborated with COSO by AROBS to implement a web portal with flexible features for their transport companies.

The good attitude of the CoSo by AROBS team helped them realized they have made the right choice. As Michelle Neels, Account Manager for Alpega NV, now TAS-TMS, said “nice people and good communication”.

The client needed a team that has flexibility, capability for custom software development and knowledge of EDI.

CoSo successfully met all their requirements and started the new project: developing a web portal applicable to all TAS customers.

Neels says that the main benefits of the client gained working with CoSo were the good support we provided, our flexibility and our extensive knowledge, in line with the newest developments.

The final product is an “easy to use and stable platform, easy to set-up”, recommendable for all our customers who need a web platform or EDI.

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