We successfully implemented MiCS for the Kwadrant practice school

Starting with 1st of January 2019, we successfully implemented MiCS for the Kwadrant practice school. MiCS is a special solution for schools that teach children with special needs.

The director of the school that adopted the solution, Ab de Laater, thinks that the software will be really helpful.

Also, he considers MiCS as the future of learning. He was really impressed by the software: “I think that other schools can also adopt the system very well”.

His colleagues share the same thoughts. Ido Verduin, one of the teachers, said: “Now you easily observe the strongest skills and the one that must be improved for every pupil”.

In addition, the solution connects the students, teachers and it keeps all the required information altogether. Practically, MiCS helps all the teachers and the pupils of Kwadrant school

It’s the first app of this kind on the educational field, it ensures communication among pupils, parents, and teachers. It will also insure online connection with the integrated national education reporting system.

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